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Pisces Nail Polish

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A glossy, high-shine nail lacquer infused with crystal powders super-charge Pisces' strengths. 

Pisces are extremely empathic and sensitive to other people's feelings. Pisces are noted for their generosity and for putting others' interests ahead of their own. Pisces downfall is moodiness and struggling with boundaries. 

Pisces Polish Benefits: 

Your power color is light green. Pisces are dreamers – lovely, compassionate and mystical. Pale green helps Pisces to connect with their subconscious. Light green shades will bring Pisces more inspiration and lead to renewal. 

Infused with: Muscovite, a high vibrational stone that brings Pisces closer to God

Nail Polish Features: 

  •  Real Crystal Infusion
  •  Quick-Dry
  •  5 FREE
  •  Vegan